April 4th, 1968

As a Memphian its hard to not go a day without thinking about Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement. Not only destroyed a great man but a great city as well. And Memphis is still trying to recover from that moment 49 years ago today.

Interntional Blues Challenge Update

I've spent the past couple of days shooting the International Blues Challenge on Beale Street and what a pleasure its been. If you have never gone before (like me) the $10 for the wristband is so worth it. I feel like a bad Memphian for not having gone all these years. As always here are some of my favorite photos and acts from the past few days.  

Imperial Lanes

Summer Avenue is full of treasures. Imperial Lanes is (for now) one of those. When I heard that it was to be demolished and turned into an LA Fitness I grabbed my camera and went out to get some shots.

On the Big River Crossing

The latest awesome addition to Memphis (there have been so many recently) is the Big River Crossing is finally open. I rode my bike across it last week but wanted to spend a little more time taking photos so Megan, Murray and myself took a walk across. Here are some of my favorite photos from that walk.

Foggy St. Louis Morning

Was in St. Louis last week for work. On my morning ride the fog rolled in and I was lucky to get this shot of some people going out in the boat. A few seconds later they were gone. Full resolution version of this is here.


It had been a few weeks so I had been looking forward to shooting Able and he did not disappoint.  Smart, sweet & somewhat goofy--Able, Megan and I hit it off immediately. He even posed for a few behind the scenes shots! We got some great stuff as he enjoyed walking along the river, sitting on park benches & giving us a few smiles. Able is available for long-term foster or adoption from Streetdog Foundation. You can view his gallery and other Streetdog's that we have shot over at my page.

Memphis Wallpaper

Wallpaper Diskplay Every once in awhile I will get a request for some wallpaper from one of my photos on this site or on Flickr. So I went in and made some wallpaper for your computer, phone & tablet.

For $2 you get at least 10 photos for your device.

*All photos are formatted specifically for your desktop, iPhone & iPad.

Speaking of abandoned buildings in Memphis. This one on Crump close to Riverside has a few new additions to on its side.


  Midtown has always been Memphis but lately it has become Muraltown. If you follow any of my photos at all you know I love murals and any kind of street art. In my opinion Memphis is and has been in a unique position to be a canvas for muralist and street artists. We have lots of abandoned spaces and urban blight that are perfect for this type of art.

I had no idea Phoenix was such a cool town for street art. Took a morning walk from my hotel downtown and found what seemed to be a unlimited amount of stuff to shoot.