Irish Child

Finding myself back in Indianapolis for work I decided to check out the St Patrick's Day parade downtown. This one was kind enough to let me take her photo. Shot on Fuji Superia/Yashica T5

New Memphis Wallpaper

One of the things I want to start doing more of is providing wallpapers for everyone's phones and desktops. So I'm starting with this:

The desktop wallpaper 2560x1438 which should fit most 16x9 desktop computer monitors. iPhone versions should fit all phones and even Android phones. Links are below:

Desktop iPhone iPad

Memphis Pride Parade 2017

I always miss the Pride Parade on Beale Street every year due to work but this year I was off so I went down and did the Slow Memphis thing.

What a wonderful event. So much joy and positivity in the parade and I was surprised about the number of corporations and churches that support the LGBT community here in Memphis. The parade was also much bigger than I expected. According to my GoPro it lasted right at 30 minutes. Which means over an hour of Slow Memphis footage!



The American Queen

Another Slow Memphis today. What I love about this project is pretty much everything is fair game for slow-motion video. I don't have to do an aerial shot of downtown or walk through a crowd at a festival every time. I can do a 15 minute shot of a glorious riverboat docked just a few blocks from work. And this is what I have today:


Slow Memphis

I've been shooting a lot of drone and stabilized footage over the past few years and have been trying to figure out what to do with it. So I've started a new YouTube channel called Slow Memphis. What is consists of are long, slow motion videos of Memphis landmarks, skylines, trails, etc. Some of the videos can be up to 2 hours long so these are great for leaving on in the background on your tv or computer while you do other things.

If you like what you see please consider subscribing to the channel. I am trying to update it weekly so subscribing is a great way to keep up to date with the latest videos.

Slow Memphis