Irish Child

Finding myself back in Indianapolis for work I decided to check out the St Patrick's Day parade downtown. This one was kind enough to let me take her photo. Shot on Fuji Superia/Yashica T5

New Memphis Wallpaper

One of the things I want to start doing more of is providing wallpapers for everyone's phones and desktops. So I'm starting with this:

The desktop wallpaper 2560x1438 which should fit most 16x9 desktop computer monitors. iPhone versions should fit all phones and even Android phones. Links are below:

Desktop iPhone iPad

Memphis Pride Parade 2017

I always miss the Pride Parade on Beale Street every year due to work but this year I was off so I went down and did the Slow Memphis thing.

What a wonderful event. So much joy and positivity in the parade and I was surprised about the number of corporations and churches that support the LGBT community here in Memphis. The parade was also much bigger than I expected. According to my GoPro it lasted right at 30 minutes. Which means over an hour of Slow Memphis footage!



The American Queen

Another Slow Memphis today. What I love about this project is pretty much everything is fair game for slow-motion video. I don't have to do an aerial shot of downtown or walk through a crowd at a festival every time. I can do a 15 minute shot of a glorious riverboat docked just a few blocks from work. And this is what I have today: