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Wiseacre Brewing already had a very cool mural that I called Southern Devastators up for some time. Now the same artist Nosey42 has put up a new collaboration with Birdcap celebrating the storied history of Memphis wrestling. It features Jerry “The King” Lawler vs Andre The Giant. Andy Kaufman and the Mid-South Coliseum are thrown in as good measure. It is my understanding that these murals will be rotated out once a year or so so you will have plenty of time to come check it out. As always you can check out more Memphis street art at my Memphis Street Art Page on Flickr.


It had been a few weeks so I had been looking forward to shooting Able and he did not disappoint.  Smart, sweet & somewhat goofy–Able, Megan and I hit it off immediately. He even posed for a few behind the scenes shots! We got some great stuff as he enjoyed walking along the river, sitting on park benches & giving us a few smiles. Able is available for long-term foster or adoption from Streetdog Foundation. You can view his gallery and other Streetdog’s that we have shot over at my page.

The Puppy Stork dropped off Murray 8 days ago and it has been a blast ever since. We’ve had mostly ups and very little downs and its been cool seeing him experience new things in his week with us. Here are some of my favorite photos of Murray in the past week. Please forgive some of the out of focus shots, my Fuji does not have the best autofocus for following puppies around.