The Barista Parlor Art Wall

One of my favorite things about Nashville is something that you may not have noticed. I try to make it to Barista Parlor, an excellent—if intimidating—coffee shop, every time I'm town. They are known for their atmosphere, Nashville celebrity sightings and of course, their coffee. But what they might not be known for is that behind their sign (which is mounted on a large concrete wall) they have one of the best graffiti walls I've ever seen. Not only is the art work awesome, but it rotates at a pretty frequent clip. So often in fact I'm sure I've missed a lot of it. So the next time you're in Nashville and at Barista Parlor, instead of looking for Jack White and Dan Auerbach—have a cup of coffee and take a look behind the wall. It's likely you'll see some really great graffiti.

You can find my Barista Parlor album on my Flickr page.