Nosey and The Two Kings

I love trains and I love the artwork, graffiti, whatever you call it that is also displayed on the sides of trains. To me its a moving art gallery of many different styles. Styles that I will probably never see again. So whenever I see a train come by (often while I am having a beer at Wiseacre) I grab my camera and go see what is coming my way.

So I was in my car going down Broad Avenue when I was stopped by a train. This happens all the time and I actually enjoy when itĀ happens. So instead of like most people trying to find a quick way around the train I happily pull out my camera and see what today's train brings me. There was the usual mix of gang tags, sloppily written curse words and one or two decent characters drawn on some train cars.

It was here I first noticed one of my favorite people Nosey had tagged the railway crossing blocker thingy. Then I noticed Vini's awesome Jerry Lawler sticker right next to it. So I took a shot of those with the train in the back ground with my 135mm lens. Then I thought "well it would be cool if there was something on one of the trains that would make the Jerry Lawler sticker more relevant." Sure enough about 3 boxcars down I saw some lettering that spelledĀ "King" and presto you get the image seen above. Serendipity had struck!

So next time you are at the train tracks take a break and look at some cool artwork going by. Look closer and you might see something you might not have noticed before.