Exploring Crosstown

Had some free time on Monday so I took advantage of the nice weather and headed down there. Originally I had planned on just going down on Cleveland and just taking a few photos of some new murals and maybe the outside of the Crosstown Concourse. As I was walking by the Concourse I decided to poke my head in the lobby. Man was I BLOWN AWAY. I underestimated the enormity of the Crosstown project by a mile. Inside it looked like some kind of futuristic city and one of the largest construction projects I have ever seen. Photos from walking around Crosstown Arts and the Concourse itself are below. FYI I usually just post a paragraph of words here then show all the photos. This time I've written a few things about some of the photos so make sure to scroll down so you don't miss anything.

This I Love Memphis mural is hidden from the main street so I always forget this one is here. Definitely one of my favorites along with the one that is outside Memphis Made.I love the Glitter & Glamour building on Cleveland. Something about the sign and the corner location that speaks to me.This mural is by Brandon Marshall, one of my favorite artists in the city. This mural memorializes Brandon's friend and artist Ronnie "BETOR" Bobal who passed away recently.Why I always try to get in an alley or look behind a building when exploring. Usually something hidden in plain sight. Plus a nice view of the Crosstown Concourse.

I often obsess over every detail in a photo so when I saw the truck that said WE LOVE OUR JOB! coming I had to get a photo of the building and the truck.The first thing you see when you walk into the Concourse's apartment area. I just stood here for a few moments in awe. You really have to see it to appreciate the scale. To me it looked like some kind of futuristic sci-fi movie set.Atrium staircase. Again you have to see it to believe it.Set my camera on the floor and used a timer to get this one. Shooting wide and low is a great way to really get the scale of a place.

You made it to the end! Congrats. Love how the parking garage has the word YOURS on it. I went up to the top of the garage. It was huge and a pretty decent view of the building is up there.