Trips to California are usually welcome. But lately with my disillusionment with San Francisco and Los Angeles that has changed somewhat. Not with Sacramento however. This is my 2nd visit to the city in 4 years and now it is my favorite California city by far. Capital cities are always easy to love and this is no exception. It kind of reminds me of another favorite capital city Indianapolis.  

Sacramento even for California has a super laid back vibe. It’s got quiet streets and easy to walk around in. I was super impressed with the Electric Bike share there. Sacramento is really flat but having the E-Bike was such a easy way to get around the city. I could go on gushing about the city but will let the photos speak for themselves. 

As always check the end of the post for some of my favorite spots I visited in the city. 

California State Capital Park - beautiful green space surrounding the State Capital. Be sure to check out the steps on capital building for some good people watching. Also recommend the sunset here. Great view of the Tower Bridge as well. Bonus - you can pick oranges right off the tree! (I think this is legal, I did it anyway) 

Delta Breeze Records - cozy record shop in downtown. Bought a Willie Mitchell live album there. Memphis is everywhere!

Bike Dog Brewery - my favorite brewery and favorite t-shirt. Be sure to check out the Art Deco masterpiece Tower Theatre right down the street after. 

Drake’s the Barn - outdoor drinking area in West Sacramento. Chill spot and great views and really close to the River Walk Trail if you are riding your bike. 

Temple Coffee - I went here every day for 5 days straight. Great coffee, friendly staff. Be sure to find some freshly roasted beans to take back home with you.